What is good enough?

Many women walk around every day with a feeling that they are not “enough”; not pretty enough, not thin enough, not rich enough, not smart enough….(you can fill in the blank).


It can sometimes be a struggle to feel good enough to show up at work in the morning, or even get in the shower.  I hear questions about this all the time.  Why do I feel this way?


One thing I am sure of:  Being good enough is an inside job.


Have you noticed that voice that goes on in your head all the time?  You know the one…it tells you what to do, when to do it, how you are doing…  Is that voice critical or loving?  I am guessing most of you notice the critical messages.  If you take a moment to listen to it all, it may surprise you.  If you can’t think good things about yourself, how can you expect it from anyone else?


One way to begin to change this is to become aware of the “self-talk”.  Stop yourself when you have negative things about you rolling around in your head.  Replace these thoughts with something else.  If not something positive, at least something neutral.


Take time to note each negative thought that goes by without being challenged.  Make those thoughts kinder.  Be compassionate with yourself.  Remember that you are always doing the best you can to get from one moment to the next.



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