I’m out of rehab, now what

Going thru a rehab program whether for chemical dependency or an eating disorder can be a life changing experience.  The habits you create in the first few months after discharge are vital to lasting recovery.  There are a few important things to keep in mind as you go back out into the world.

Stay in touch with your peers.  There is nothing like the support and friendship of someone who knows what you are going through, and has been there themselves.  Make it a priority in your weekly schedule. This could be in the form of 12-step meetings or other support groups.  Plan to include groups, meetings and phone calls/texts with people who you can reach out to.  Don’t wait for a crisis, do at least one of these things every day.

Get good professional help.  Peer groups are great, and they are not everything.  The help of an individual therapist can move you further towards your goals in recovery.  Rehab programs can only go so far, your personal recovery is unique. The life experiences that got you there in the first place need to be explored and worked through so they cease to have the power over you that they once did.

Keep a positive attitude.  Remember that you are already well on your way in your recovery.  As challenges come up they can be thought of as overwhelming or as opportunities for more growth.  You will probably be faced with some of the wreckage of the past, and your ability to navigate these obstacles is heightened by a good attitude.

Remember, your recovery is up to you.  The power to move your life in a new direction is always within you.  Willingness, openness, and action are the qualities you will need.  Give yourself the tools you need to keep your recovery moving forward.


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